Partnering Strategy

At Secarna, we are flexible and can accommodate any meaningfully structured alliance across all stages of discovery and pre-clinical development.


Our objective is to form strategic partnerships allowing our collaborators and us to fully leverage both organizations strengths. Therewith, we aim to produce maximum value for the benefit of the alliance throughout its entire lifetime.

Two typical structures found in our partnership portfolio are:

  1. In-house discovery & development at Secarna paired with out-licensing of pre-clinical development candidates to partners
  2. Joint discovery and development
    • Target-specific discovery & development partnerships
    • Platform discovery & development alliances / multiple targets and/or diseases

Current Partnerships

Ludwig Maximilian Universität München
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Universität Basel
Universität Magdeburg
Universität Bonn
Université Paris

BD contact – if you are interested in working with Secarna, please contact us at